Ashumet Valley Property Owners Inc – AVPOI – Announces New Website

AVPOI main entrance sign and flag

Ashumet Valley Property Owners Inc. – better known as AVPOI – announced they’re building a new website for their association community and it’s due to go online by end of November 2019. AVPOI is a community in the village of Hatchville, East Falmouth on Cape Cod, and consists of approx. 210 residential homes. The association has been in existence since 1970’s. The Board of AVPOI states the website will provide communication and news, along with resources for the benefit of homeowners, and provide one place where they can get news and updates on projects and alerts.

NELM Helping Local Authors Self-Publish eBooks on Amazon Kindle

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In the last six month New England Local Marketing has helped two local authors get their eBooks published on Amazon Kindle. Many people would love to write and publish their own book. It is said there is a book lurking in each of us but the problem is getting it out onto paper and then published. Traditional publishers are very selective on the projects they take on and first time authors have a difficult job “selling” their idea to traditional publishers. And then if they do they may see very little money from all their work. These days there are many options for people to self-publish their own book. They still have to write it – sort of – but Amazon will publish your book for you – providing it meets their standards. Here’s more…

My Personal Favorite Search Engine Marketing Resources

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I know a number of readers of you who read my posts prefer to do a lot of the Internet Marketing work yourself rather than hire an Internet Marketing agency. This after all is one of the reasons why I provide the level of information I do at this site. If you have the time as well as running your business I say great! Go for it!
For those of you with this technical desire then today I’m going to share with you some resources that have helped me over the years and one of them is free.

3 Essentials to Mastering Online Reputation for a Small Business

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Online Reputation Management for a small business is about how you monitor, review, and respond to what is said about your local business on the web. Anybody doing business on the Internet can be subject to both good and bad publicity. Good publicity for our business is something we all strive to earn and maintain, but sooner or later you’re going to brush up against negative publicity. The fact is you need to deal with both appropriately and quickly. Here are some pointers for you.

New England Local Internet Marketing at Mega Business Expo 2010

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New England Local Internet Marketing will be an exhibitor at the upcoming Mega Business Expo 2010 to be held on Thursday October 21, 2010 from 3:00pm to 7:00pm at Christina’s in Foxborough, Massachusetts. New England Local Internet Marketing will be giving away a limited number of free websites with hosting for those local businesses who haven’t yet built a web site presence because of costs or concerns of its real benefit for them. Learn more about the expo here.

Getting Started Blogging for a Small and Local Business

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If you’re debating whether to start a blog for your small business then let me start by saying blogging can put a local business’s Internet Marketing on steroids. But… here’s the catch… it does require an ongoing commitment to write regularly for your blog. However, having your own blog has a number of benefits to help you increase your online presence and send targetted traffic to your web site to get more prospects and customers.

Get Tons of Subscribers to Your Small Business Email List Using the Power of Free Reports

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Email marketing for a local business keeps you in front of your target audience of prospects or customers. Having an email list for a small business is a goldmine and a source of valuable leads and increased profits for your local business. But I hear complaints from business owners of unsuccessful attempts at growing their email list. And when I review their online campaigns to grow their list I’m not surprised they get poor results. It takes much more effort than a standard “join my newsletter list” offer in the top right hand corner of your home page. Here’s how to increase your subscriber rate.

Article Marketing for a Local Business on the Internet – Part II

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Article marketing has been a staple in gaining traffic and search engine rankings for web sites for a number of years. While many Internet marketing activities have come and gone article marketing remains strong. But here’s how to do it right for a local business.