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The Internet is a great delivery vehicle for videos – just look at the popularity of sites like YouTube. These video sharing sites are not all about showing people doing reckless things to  harm to themselves.

Go to YouTube and you can find at least one “how to” video on any topic you can imagine. Creating a “how to” video for your own niche is a great way to add value and promote you as the local expert.

The following video was created for a local business in an afternoon using inexpensive tools and images.


Video represents an outstanding opportunity for local businesses, yet is perceived as expensive and difficult by many small business owners – but neither concern is necessarily true.

Videos can communicate a message on multiple levels through visual imagery, spoken words, music and visual text. This has huge potential to reach your target audience for your small business.

Here are just a few of the benefits of using video marketing for your local business:

  1. Video greatly increases your exposure and ability to be ranked by the search engines.
  2. Videos have high entertainment value and are watched in preference to reading a long page of text.
  3. Videos can be syndicated at multiple video sharing sites to drive potential customers to your web site.
  4. Short engaging videos have been proven to increase conversions to a Call-to-Action at web sites.
  5. Videos are perceived as high value by searchers and promote you as an authority and professional business.

The equipment and software available today is inexpensive and allows a local business to produce professional-looking videos and distribute them quickly to the Internet.

Videos should support your overall local search optimization campaign and not replace it, and because of this New England Local Marketing offers a video marketing service to its clients that compliments and enhances the work we perform in other areas for them.

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