NELM Helping Local Authors Self-Publish eBooks on Amazon Kindle

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In the last six month New England Local Marketing has helped two local authors get their eBooks published on Amazon Kindle.

Many people would love to write and publish their own book. It is said there is a book lurking in each of us but the problem is getting it out onto paper and then published. Traditional publishers are very selective on the projects they take on and first time authors have a difficult job “selling” their idea to traditional publishers.

And then if they do they may see very little money from all their work.

These days there are many options for people to self-publish their own book. They still have to write it – sort of but that’s another article – but Amazon will publish your book for you – providing it meets their standards. Amazon also provides 70% commission to authors providing their kindle book is priced $2.99-$9.99.

Hot at the moment are Kindle books. Amazon says it sells more digital books than printed books now. And they make it easier to write and publish your book. However, there are still some organizational obstacles to overcome.

These authors approached NELM to help them get their books written and into the Amazon Kindle marketing machine.

In addition to writing the book other things to consider are:

  • Title
  • Cover Graphic
  • Layout & Design
  • Formatting
  • Submission
  • Marketing

Some of the activities can be outsourced but others need to stay with the author and/or editor to ensure consistency and a professional and polished product. This is where NELM was able to provide expertise to get to a book published and ready for its market.

Here is some more information on each of the books:

Ultimate Guide to Fall in Vermont:

ultimate-guide-to-fall-in-vermont-imageJim Hyde writes extensively about New England and lives in Vermont. His Ultimate Guide to Fall in Vermont covers lodging, attractions and events for each of Vermont’s five regions. The book is a wonderful resource for anybody planning a trip to see the Vermont foliage. Many New Englander’s feel Vermont has the most vibrant of the colors during peak.

Equal amount of space is provided in the book to scenic drives, how to photograph the fall, preserving leaves, what to take on your fall trip, and lots more packed into a kindle guide you can take anywhere with you on your trip and no need for wi-fi connection once its downloaded.

Reviews and response about the book have been enthusiastic from last year’s fall.

Jim expects to update the book to a second edition for fall 2013. See it here >>>

Step-by-Step Guide for Running a Retail Store Business:

cover-nelmAmy Galuszka has worked in the retail business since before her college days. Most recently she consulted and trained store operations management for a number of well-known retail heavy-hitters.

Amy’s expertise is in running a store covering topics such as hiring and managing staff, running the store, providing outstanding customer service, managing merchandise and promoting your store locally. Amy wanted to write this book as she said there are many books on how to choose a niche, location and getting funding, but they’re thin on practical help on actually running a store for profit.

In full disclosure I contributed a chapter to her book on marketing a local business online covering Google Places, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and a number of related topics you can read about at this blog. But the book is essentially for a small retail shop owner who is either in start-up mode or an owner who wants to get to the next profit level.

See more about Amy’s book here >>>

New England Local Marketing wishes both Jim and Amy great success with their books and was proud to help them bring their book dreams to fruition.

Cliff Calderwood
New England Local Marketing
5 Goss Pond Road, Suite 200
Upton, Massachusetts 01568

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