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local search optimization imageLocal search optimization is a core service New England Local Marketing offers as its key to getting your local business found by potential buyers searching online for your services or products.

The importance of your business being found by searchers using the Internet is highlighted by these independent survey results:


  • 82% of people looking for a local business or service provider search online. People are relying less on the Yellow Pages phone book and print media but instead clicking a mouse.
  • 67% of people searching online purchase offline at a local business. This means they decide which local business to spend their money at by the businesses they find on the Internet.
  • 43% of all searches on Google are related to searches for local services or businesses.

The fact is, if your business isn’t found online when somebody searches for your product or service then you don’t exist and your competitor will get their business instead.

When discussing search engines there are only three to target: Google, Yahoo and Bing. Because Google has over 65% of search traffic in North America and 85% worldwide, our focus is on achieving first page rankings for Google search. But the work we do for Google also benefits your web site rankings in Yahoo and Bing local search results.

The goal of optimizing for local search is to get your web site listed on the first page of results for your primary search terms. These are terms your target prospects would use when performing an online search for your service or product.

For local search Google provides 3 primary ways of achieving this goal: Local Business Results (LBR), organic search results, and paid advertising (Adwords). Our local search service covers LBR and organic results. For more on paid advertising see our online advertising service here.

Local Business Results:

LBR listings are embedded in the first page of organic results and look like this:

local business results for boston image

At the moment Google lists just seven businesses it matches for a local search term on the first page and the reminder will be on subsequent pages. Local search optimization for LBR focuses on getting a local business to appear in the first seven positions. Searchers rarely click through to the more results page of LBR results.

Organic Search Results:


The organic search results are traditionally what people think of when viewing the results of a search engine such as Google. As a reminder here is what they look like:

organic search results image

The goal of local search optimization is to get your business listed on the first page of organic results for your primary search terms with your geographic modifier such as your city, zip or state.

IMPORTANT: Unlike other Internet Marketing agencies all the content we create for you… you own – whether you hire us for other services or not. The same goes for any web site work and accounts at various social media sites we create for you. You own the copyright for this content not us! If you ever decide one day you don’t need us anymore then everything we’ve created for you stays in place. Make sure whoever you hire to create content for you – you have clear and “no strings attached” ownership of the work!

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