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There are many opportunities for paid advertising on the Internet for a local business, but Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising at the major search engines is most popular because it provides control not available in other online advertising models.

Google is the top player in this space because of their search market share, with Bing a distant second. Facebook also has paid advertising which targets people based on demographics.

Getting listed and ranked high in the organic search results is a long-term commitment and can take months before you see results, but Pay-per-Click advertising is close to instantaneous in getting you on the first page of search results.

PPC can also be powerful for ongoing profits and for testing out a new service or product introductions. PPC allows you to reach your targeted audience in your local service area in an efficient and effective manner and turn campaigns on and off to suit your budget.

We specialize in Google Adwords and Bing Search Advertising for your campaigns. These ads are displayed whenever a searcher types in search terms meeting your campaigns specific criteria. Here is what Google’s Adwords  – highlighted areas – look like displayed as Sponsored Links:

online advertising for local businesses image

Online advertising for a local business can be a hidden goldmine for obtaining referrals and fine-tuning of your online Internet marketing efforts.

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