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Getting Started Blogging for a Small and Local Business

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If you’re debating whether to start a blog for your small business then let me start by saying blogging can put a local business’s Internet Marketing on steroids. But… here’s the catch… it does require an ongoing commitment to write regularly for your blog. However, having your own blog has a number of benefits to help you increase your online presence and send targetted traffic to your web site to get more prospects and customers.

Get Tons of Subscribers to Your Small Business Email List Using the Power of Free Reports

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Email marketing for a local business keeps you in front of your target audience of prospects or customers. Having an email list for a small business is a goldmine and a source of valuable leads and increased profits for your local business. But I hear complaints from business owners of unsuccessful attempts at growing their email list. And when I review their online campaigns to grow their list I’m not surprised they get poor results. It takes much more effort than a standard “join my newsletter list” offer in the top right hand corner of your home page. Here’s how to increase your subscriber rate.