Ashumet Valley Property Owners Inc – AVPOI – Announces New Website

AVPOI main entrance sign and flag

Ashumet Valley Property Owners Inc. – better known as AVPOI – announced they’re building a new website for their association community and it’s due to go online by end of November 2019.

AVPOI is a community in the village of Hatchville, East Falmouth on Cape Cod, and consists of approx. 210 residential homes. The association has been in existence since 1970’s.

The Board of AVPOI states the website will provide communication and news, along with resources for the benefit of homeowners, and provide one place where they can get news and updates on projects and alerts.

Currently, AVPOI is using Google Groups as a way to get news out but says use is limited, and it’s an awkward mechanism to share news and event information. In addition, they cite many residents haven’t signed-up to use GG, and so it was decided in 2018 to build a website with benefits so more people will use and share resources.

Cliff Calderwood, current Secretary of AVPOI, led the search for a website Development Company and they choose Birchwood Enterprises based in Plymouth, Massachusetts. New England Local Marketing is helping with their website promotion and Local Search needs.

Ashumet Valley includes a private beach on Ashumet Pond and Calderwood says it’s a popular spot for residents and sees wide use in the summer. He added water quality testing at the beach happens throughout the summer, and news about the pond is one way the website will give faster and more consistent news about the pond and state of water quality for residents.

The website will also provide a resource for Realtor’s and their clients considering purchasing a home in the community.

This announcement first appeared on October 8th, 2019 at New England Local Marketing.

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