FAQ on Internet Marketing for a Local Business

Local business owners have many questions when it comes to Internet marketing and while some are specific to an industry or niche, many are similar and here are questions and concerns we typically hear along with our responses:


People don’t go online to search for my product or service:

Response: 97% of consumers use the Internet to find products or services in their local area before contacting an offline service provider or merchant – (The Kelsey Group). If you don’t come up when they search they’ll choose your competition.


I’ve spent a lot of money investing in a website and I’ve seen no return from it:

Response: Building a website and marketing it are two highly specialized and different skills, and you shouldn’t expect the person or company that built your site to be able to market it successfully for you, especially in the local search engines. After all you wouldn’t ask a carpenter to build a house and sell it for you – you’d call in a realtor to sell the house.


I don’t need a website I get all the customers I want using offline methods:

Response: We haven’t seen a small business yet that can’t benefit from having an online presence even if only to get more customers and profits than you already enjoy.


I keep getting calls or emails from people telling me they can get me to the top of Google and it sounds like a scam:

Response: We get those emails as well and sometimes it is a scam. Sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding about what they actually do. Nobody can guarantee you a top spot at Google. It takes commitment and time to do well in the search engines. But the rewards are worth it.


This Internet Marketing stuff sounds like a lot of hard work and I’m running a business and don’t have time for it:

Response: Most local businesses don’t have time, the resources or expertise to execute online marketing activities. This is why we offer to perform all the work under the control of the local business owner.


How are you different from all these other Internet Marketing people offering services?

Response: We have local businesses ourselves and rely on the Internet almost completely to generate our customers and profits. Everything we do has been tested and proven in our own businesses first and doesn’t employ any tricks to fool the search engines and jeopardize your web sites being penalized.


Who owns the content you create?

Unlike other Internet Marketing agencies all the content we create for you… you own – whether you hire us for other services or not. The same goes for any web site work and accounts at various social media sites we create for you. You own the copyright for this content not us! If you ever decide one day you don’t need us anymore then everything we’ve created for you stays in place. Make sure whoever you hire to create content for you – you have clear and “no strings attached” ownership of the work!

If you have any other questions about Internet marketing for your local business or our services you can contact us here.

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