Announcing Upton Capital Group Covering Metrowest Boston Area

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I always like to share client projects with visitors providing they give me permission. This one today gives me extra pleasure and you’ll discover why as you read.

The initial reaction to announcing a new real estate company in the Worcester and Metrowest Boston area is going to most likely be – so what?

The same reaction you get when yet another bank goes up in your local town, or you hear of another car dealership in Route 1 Norwood?

I can understand why you would think the same for a real estate company but this one is different.

In full disclosure I am part of this company along with three others. Real Estate has always fascinated me but I never saw myself as a Real Estate agent or broker. Then the opportunity came along to be different in supporting people seeking a non-traditional route to selling their homes.

The Upton Capital Group looks to provide non-traditional and accelerated purchases of homes for owners who need to sell their property quickly and “AS IS.”

While the traditional Realtor and MLS service satisfies many home owners looking to sell their homes and willing to wait the time for the right buyer to come along to get the best price for it, UCG provides an alternative solution for a different and highly motivated seller. These are sellers who have a “problem” property and realize the traditional method of selling homes just isn’t going to work for them.

UCG is based in North Grafton and looks to target the surrounding communities and towns bordering the 495 corridor.

The website uses a WordPress Theme chosen specifically for its support of a Real Estate company. The theme supports property listings, a unique home page format, and many other home selling and buying features already built into the theme.

Most people buying or selling start the process online these days. So for a company like Upton Capital Group having a strong and professional web presence is critical.

We decided to add a blog to the web site from the beginning. Initially, the blog posts will be about home improvement projects and targeted at sellers looking to make spruce things up to get a better price for their homes. Eventually, other articles will include topics related to: finance, investing, buying homes, and maintenance activities.

Go on over and take a look at the Upton Capital Group website here >>>

Let us know what you think about it.

Cliff Calderwood

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